Optimizing supply chains and maximizing vendor performance.

Supply Chain is the backbone of every project. With our expertise in SCM & Procurement along with strong market relationships, we have built in a large pool of trusted vendors to ensure right quality, right price & right service at right time enabling us to deliver the projects in scheduled timeline.


By effectively managing the supply chain, we significantly lower the project costs and deliver products faster and more efficiently. Our commitment to SCM ensures that our clients receive high-quality products and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We are constantly striving to improve our SCM processes to ensure that we are delivering the best possible value to our clients.

Developing a Strategy

At SLnko, we emphasize Detailed Strategic Work to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. We work in close collaboration with our clients which enables us to tailor our strategies that meet their specific requirements.

Vendors Selection

We at SLnko conduct thorough research and due diligence of vendors basis our internal parameters of quality, reliability and sustainability which allow us to procure quality materials/services at the most competitive prices.

Technical Compliance

Our technical team ensures that all technical parameters and specifications have been taken care before proceeding further with manufacturing/fabrication.

Fund Management

Fund Management is the crucial part of any project and therefore we at SLnko work to enable fund elasticity to our clients. Our strategic planning ensures that only relevant material/vendors reach the site as required at specific point of time.

Pre-Dispatch Inspection

To make sure that the manufactured/fabricated material is as per approved design/technical parameters, we conduct pre dispatch inspection of the material to mitigate any waste of resources and maintain necessary standards of the product.

Logistics and Shipping

We at SLnko coordinate with logistics and transportation partners to ensure timely and cost-effective product delivery. As part of the SCM, we closely monitor the process to guarantee client satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management is a vital part of any project lifecycle which requires a lot of strategized tailoring to meet deliverables on time and within the budget.

Unparalleled Market Reach

Large numbers of clients and continuous project pipeline gives us an advantage to maintain regular flow of orders in the market which helps us in being updated with price trends and new developments. Continuous pipelines allow us to deliver a competitive pricing, superior quality and reliable service to our clients which is difficult to be matched.

Rich Expertise

With expertise in optimizing logistics, managing vendor relationships, fostering collaboration and communication, and embracing a continuous improvement mindset, we add incredible value through reducing costs, improving delivery times, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Tailored Strategy

Supply Chain Management process requires a lot of strategized tailoring to meet deliverables on time and within the budget. We enable our customers to customize our vendor management services as per their needs to make deliverables successful.