EPC Management

Empowering Projects through Collaboration and Methodology

EPCM stands for Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management. As an EPCM company, we act as our client's representative, overseeing the entire project from concept development to completion.


SLnko is a one- stop platform providing end to end solutions to Solar Developers, EPCs & Installers. Incorporated in 2018 as an engineering company, we have expanded the horizon of our services to SCM (Supply Chain Management), EPCM (Engineering-Procurement-Construction Management) & PM (Project Management). Our services can be availed at any stage from the Pre-Bid & early planning phase upto construction, installation and commissioning of Solar Projects of ANY CAPACITY.

We are team of young, energetic and experienced professionals constantly challenging ourselves to deliver best services. We strive for opportunity in each dimension of a project. Our holistic approach ensures that project is optimized for design & cost along with other aspects such as execution, durability and operations there by creating higher value of money.

We act as the client’s representative, overseeing the entire project from concept development to completion. This includes managing the engineering design, procurement of materials and equipment, and construction activities performed by contractors.

Under the EPCM approach, our client retains ownership of the project and assumes the risks associated with the project, including cost and schedule risks. Our EPCM contracts are typically structured as fee-based contracts, we charge a fee based on the services provided, and the client bears the costs of materials, equipment, and construction activities.

We provide expertise and resources to manage the project on behalf of the client, but does not typically undertake the physical construction work. Instead, contractors are engaged separately by the client for the actual construction activities.


Our EPCM allows the client full transparency and involvement in engineering options and decisions that need to be made, and their cost implications. We provide engineering expertise to develop the project's design, including detailed engineering drawings, specifications, and calculations. It gives the client more control over the process.


We manage the procurement process which involves the selection, acquisition, and management of materials, equipment, and services required for the project. Our scope of work includes managing the procurement process, including identifying suitable suppliers, obtaining bids or quotations, evaluating proposals, negotiating contracts, and managing the supply chain to ensure timely delivery of materials and equipment to the construction site. With our EPCM, all of this is done transparently which means that recommendations are put forth for the client to ultimately make their procurement decisions with complete knowledge and control.


We provide full construction management for the project from beginning to end which include coordinating and overseeing the activities of contractors and subcontractors, ensuring compliance with design and specifications, managing quality control and safety, tracking progress, managing changes, and addressing any issues or challenges that may arise during construction.


Management is at the very core of EPCM. It is essentially a full-circle which allows the benefits of expertise to achieve engineering excellence whilst at the same time allowing the client complete control over the entire process through transparently involving the client at all stages.